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Silent Knight is locally owned and operated. A company that strives on customer service, and giving the best quality product back to the customer. Silent Knight specializes in exhaust work that includes custom work to regular maintenance. Silent Knight also offers other services which include brake services, shocks, struts, cv joints, axles, undercarriage services. Silent Knight also does custom...

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Bozeman Muffler Shop offers top rated and professional Muffler Shop in Bozeman. [Read More]

  • Muffler Shop:
    Exhaust work, that includes custom work to regular maintence. Mufflers, tailpipe bending, catalytic converters, headers, exhaust manifolds, cat back systems, diesel pickup systems, 2 & 4 stroke pipe repair, custom bending up to 3"
  • Specialties:
    Brake services, shocks, struts, cv joints, axles, undercarriage services, custom welding/fabrication project
  • Top Brands:
    Imco, Magnaflow, Flowmaster, Cherrybomb, Walker, and many more!

Muffler Shop Tips

Muffler Shop Tips

Bozeman Muffler Shop provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Muffler Shop ]

Trust the Professionals at the Bozeman Muffler Shop

If your car is in need of muffler repair, then you certainly have come to the right place. You can find listings for Bozeman Muffler Shop listed in the online business directory or the yellow pages. There may even be one located in your area. Bozeman Muffer Shop staff offers excellent customer service. They may be contacted online or by phone. They want to make it extremely easy for you to get your muffler repaired.

They use the highest quality of materials to repair or replace your muffler. You can enjoy a quiet ride once again after leaving the Bozeman Muffler Shop. They offer excellent parts and service at a great low price that you can afford, so repairing your muffler does not have to be so costly. You can choose many payment options they have available as it will add to the convenience of repairing your muffler. You can trust their great guarantee as well. Bozeman Muffer Shop values all of their customers and that is why you will be provided excellent repair service and parts. They are popular with their sale and discount prices. Many people are quite pleased with the service they recieve. You surely will be too.

Bozeman Muffler Shop offers free estimates as well. They can repair or replace your whole exhaust system. Give your car a good treat and take it Bozeman Muffler Shop. A noisy and damaged muffler can cause pollution to the environment. The noise can also upset your neighbors. You can get your muffler repaired at a very affordable price along with an excellent warranty you can trust. You will never be kept waiting at Bozeman Muffler Shop because your muffler can be repaired the very same day you bring your car in for service. You will soon be on your way in a much quieter ride without all the fumes.